John Jairo Cárdenas Herrera – Research Fellowship DSSP

Despite the increase in research on the topic of environmental peace, the field of studies still presents some challenges that must be addressed to refine the theory and thus increase confidence in the existing empirical evidence. On the one hand, many case studies carried out to date present limited descriptions regarding the specific forms and approaches of environmental peacebuilding, which is why a more in-depth description of the paths that connect environmental management with peacebuilding is necessary. , as well as greater empirical evidence about the contexts in which these pathways can operate better and be successful. On the other hand, the geographical scope of research on environmental peacebuilding has been limited mainly to Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with research still incipient in Colombia. For these reasons, this research provides two case studies carried out in Colombia, a country where exhaustive knowledge about the construction of environmental peace is still required, particularly in territories of the country that have not been sufficiently investigated.

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