In June, the students go to Germany, mainly Bonn, for a two month summer school programmed in order to gain first experiences in the international environment of ZEF, to meet up with representatives of international development organizations, partner institutions, to develop their research design together with their tutors in ZEF and/or BICC, in close cooperation with the supervisors in the IDEA. They exchange experiences with other students from international graduate schools hosted by the ZEF, such as doctoral students from the Right Livelihood Colleges and the Ghana school.

A four-day trip to Berlin will give them the opportunity of visiting the Latin American Institute of the Freie Universität and the embassy of Colombia in order to present their scientific projects, create networks, and getting to know the huge cultural offer of the German capital.

Back in Colombia, the doctoral students join the teaching program and modules in their institutes and the respective doctoral programs during the second semester of the year.