(led by Prof. Dr. Carmenza Castiblanco)


This course provides the theoretical and practical basis of the Environmental and Ecological Economics required to address different topics about development in the framework of the global environmental crisis. The main objectives are:

  • To present an overview of the theoretical basis of the economy and its relationships with the environment.
  • To develop the main postulates of Environmental Economics (externalities theory, common goods, allocation of natural resources, environmental regulation, environmental economic valuation).
  • To describe and analyze the effectiveness of the economic instruments commonly used for regulation and environmental protection.
  • To discuss and analyze the scope and limitations of environmental economic valuation methods.
  • To present the conceptual approaches from Ecological Economics and confront them with those from Environmental Economics.
  • To present the main debates emerging from Ecological Economics regarding topics such as sustainability, development and economic growth.

The course contains 5 thematic modules coordinated by three teachers, so it combines different pedagogical strategies where the master conferences, which demand previous lectures of the students, are alternated with discussion sessions about documents and related papers under the teacher’s direction. Other sessions will be the support for practicals.