These projects are based at master, doctoral and post-doctoral level. The DSSP has supported the following research so far:


Master level

Claudia Leifkes, University of Bonn:

Decolonizing higher education in Colombia: How does the Instituto Agroecológico Latinoamericano María Cano attempt to produce knowledge in a de-colonial way?


Doctoral level

Mauricio Alberto Ángel Macías, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Air Pollution and Health in Bogotá in the Second Half of the 20th Century: an Environmental History.

Ingrid Quintero Silva, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Main Agroecological Structure, Functional Activity of Coprophagous Beetles and Soil Fertility in High Mountain Livestock Agroecosystems.

Carolina Tobón Ramirez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Social Metabolism, Sustainability and Territory in the Upper Basin of the Bogotá River.

Juliana Giselle Sabogal Aguilar, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Impact of the Main Agrarian Policies 1960-2010 and Possible Contributions of the Integral Rural Reform policy (2016) to the Peace of the Territory.

Julián Augusto Vivas García, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Criteria for a Framework of Public Policies for the Transition towards Agroecology in Colombia.

David Andrés Zamora Ávila, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Analysis of the Distribution of Ecosystem Services in a Watershed through Coupled Hydro-economic and Hydro-economic Modeling.

Emilia Schmidt, Bonn University:

Building Future – Preserving Past: Chances and Challenges for Cultural Heritage in Colombia after the Peace Agreement.


Post-doctoral level

Dennis Aviles:

Local Power Relations and Social Contestations in Agrarian Production and Land Use: Challenges behind the Peace-Building in Colombia.

Juliana Cepeda Valencia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Identifying and Evaluating Worthy Forms of Coexistence: Citizens and Communities that support Territorial Development.

Milson Betancourt, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Territorial and Environmental Challenges for Peace in Colombia.