Biocoloniality and Ecogenoethnocide in Buenaventura

By Yilson J. Beltrán-Barrera

From a new method that I define as hermeneutic of relational ontologies, I analyze the effects of ecocide, genocide and ethnocide (ecogenoetnocides) practices on the black communities of the Community Council of the Upper and Middle Part of the River Dagua Basin (rural area of Buenaventura-Colombia). This method allows us to observe the historical transformation that black people have undergone in their relationship with the territory and the production of new black subjectivities, as a consequence of the armed conflict in Colombia. All this from the anti-racist, decolonial and biocentric perspective of biocoloniality that allows establishing the relationship between socio-environmental racism and armed conflict. The purpose is to provide some analytical and methodological elements to think about Afro-reparations and thereby contribute to this field of knowledge, as well as to that of ecological justice and the demands for integral reparation of Council. This, in the context of post-conflict and the constitutional duty of the Colombian State has to Colombian society with the construction of truth through the Truth Commission.