In June 2020, ZALF working group SusLand (Löhr/Lozano/Morales) in collaboration with Center for Development Research (ZEF) – University of Bonn (UoB) organized an online seminar series on «Environmental and Peacebuilding Practices in Conflict-Affected Scenarios».

Main question was how natural resource management can enhance sustainability and peace. The seminars included a presentation of ScalA-PB, as ex-ante-tool to assess agricultural interventions for sustainability and peacebuilding potential. Sustainable land use systems were introduced, as well as different methods to work with stakeholders in conflict affected environments. Presentations were given by representatives of ZALF, ZEF, Oxfam, Alliance Bioversity–CIAT, CIPAV, Instituto de Estudios Ambientales (IDEA), Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) und Observatorio de Conflictos Ambientales (OCA), UNAL. Up to 77 participated per seminar.

Webinar 2: snapshot| Source: © Katharina Löhr.

The Webinar series is available online under the following links:

Webinar 1: Sustainability impact assessment: Introducing ScalA-Peacebuilding tool for ex-ante impact assessment

Webinar 2: Natural resource management in the context of conflict affected scenarios – applying a community-based perspective on the concept of environmental peacebuilding

Webinar 3: Methodologies for dialogue processes design and environmental risk assessment in conflict-affected scenarios

Webinar 4: Reflexiones sobre SIG Participativo y su uso en el contexto de conflictos ambientales y territoriales en Colombia