Ingrid Quintero, Juliana Sabogal Aguilar and Julián Vivas García.

Presented at the VI Agroecology International Seminar, X National Agroecology Simposium, and the VIII Exchange Fair of Agroecology Experiences. City of Pasto (Nariño, Colombia, October 8 to 12, 2018).


Agroecological practices have been traditionally defined as the techniques and procedures aiming at adding value to the processes and functions occurring naturally in ecosystems, in order to enhance and reproduce their effects during agricultural production. However, these practices also imply alternative ways of “know-how” entailing cultural, political and economic aspects, related with cornerstone elements of the rural life: the creation and strengthening of social networks, collaboration, sharing knowledge and experiences, and carrying out economically feasible activities. This lecture discusses the concept of “agroecological practices” from different theoretical perspectives and reflects on their role within the Peace Agreement (2016) and its main objective: a long lasting and stable peace.