ZEFa Colloquium on Wednesday October 20th, 11:00-12:00 h will look at:

Social Metabolism, Sustainability and Territory in the Bogota River

… to be presented by Carolina Tobón, doctoral student in the DSSP project and PhD candidate at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Venue: Zoom


Meeting-ID: 994 5090 1860

Code: 990811

Abstract:  The Bogota River is located at the centre of Colombia, South America. Its basin is of strategic importance because it provides water to the most populated area of the country and its capital. However, the Bogota River and its watershed have lived a long history of contamination, to the point that currently has become a symbol of the environmental problem of water pollution. This problem is also related to deforestation and to the uses given to land and forest, as agriculture, industry and other contaminant uses are allowed and have been encouraged historically by policies and practices. In this context, my doctoral research proposes an analysis framework for sustainability in the Bogota River that integrates the social metabolism and the historical transformations of the territory since the second half of twentieth century. The presentation will focus on the three central concepts of the research: social metabolism, sustainability, and territory, the theoretical framework in which the research is based on, a general methodological framework and some of the preliminary results.

Carolina Tobón is a PhD Candidate in Geography, master in Environment and Development and Chemical Engineer of the National University of Colombia. Grant holder of the first batch of DSSP project and currently scholarship holder of DAAD for a doctoral research stay in ZEFa.

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