E-Learning (Multimedia)

A method to intensify and support academic teaching nowadays is the use of the potentials of the internet. A main characteristic of online education is multimodality, which means that the course contents are processed in a multimedia format, such as videos, audios, animations, interactive tests, or digital documents. In our program we apply the concept of a mixed learning (blended learning) combining classroom teaching with phases, in which the students can prepare, recapitulate or communicate about what has been taught in the classroom. Components of online education are also integrated into the face-to-face teaching, for example by watching a video or performing an online test that help consolidating immediately what has been discussed.

The DSSP employs the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), which is an open source system widely used throughout the world for academic and non-academic education. It will be installed in the IDEA’s own servers and be accessible through the technological infrastructure financed by the DAAD.

In order to include the participants from other seats of the IDEA (outside Bogotá), we will also implement virtual classes. Thanks to videoconferences, external participants will be able to listen and also discuss live with researchers and students at the IDEA in Bogotá.