CLIFOOD – German-Ethiopian SDG-Graduate School “Climate Change Effects on Food Security”

The German-Ethiopian SDG-Graduate School entitled ’Climate Change Effects on Food Security’ (CLIFOOD) aims at empowering young academics of higher education institutions on the African continent focusing on SDGs 1 (no poverty), 2 (zero hunger), 3 (good health and well-being), 13 (climate action), 15 (life on land) and 17 (partnerships for the goals).

CLIFOOD was jointly established by the Food Security Centre, University of Hohenheim in Germany and Hawassa University in Ethiopia, by taking into consideration the main challenges of development in the Eastern African region: The worst drought in half a century has stricken large parts of Africa – a consequence of the El Niño weather phenomenon. This led to high food and nutrition insecurity by high population growth.

Main objective of CLIFOOD is the education of African students at the (post)doctorate level to address the threats of climate change to food security in the Eastern African region.


• strengthens bilateral partnerships between higher education institutions in Germany and Ethiopia

• supports relevant, high-quality educational offerings of structured study courses on research subjects related to climate change and food security

• achieves greatest possible multidisciplinary content

• qualifies specialized experts and lecturers at doctoral and postdoctoral level

• contributes towards the joint development of innovative solutions to higher education and SDG topics in the Eastern African region

CLIFOOD is embedded in a well-developed research and training environment in Germany and Ethiopia, which is characterized by cooperation, internationality, interdisciplinarity and orientation towards issues of international development, food security and environmental protection.

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