In three weeks of protests in Colombia, the NGO Temblores registered at least 43 cases of homicide committed by the Public Forces, in addition to 1,139 arbitrary detentions and 18 cases of sexual violence. In this discussion panel, we will reflect about the criminalization of protests in the country, as well as about the spark that started the demonstrations: the tax reform. The discussion will also include a territorial perspective, from the southwest of Colombia, the most affected area by the current violence. 

Date: May 21, 2021 02:30 PM (MET- Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

Meeting ID: 947 9424 2933
Passcode: 263796   

Invited guests: 

Professor Carlos Díaz: Economist, specialist in Tax Law and Master in Environment and Development. Professor of Economics and Environment at the Institute of Environmental Studies of the National University (IDEA).

DSSP students:

Diego David Aldana Carrillo: Lawyer, Master in private economic law, PhD Candidate in Law. Member of the research group on Collective and Environmental Rights (GIDCA), professor linked to the Instituto Colombo Alemán para la Paz (CAPAZ) and researcher in the areas of civil, agrarian and commercial law.

Jacqueline Trochez Candamil. Environmental and natural resources manager. PhD student in Agroecology. Researcher on issues related to agroecological processes and environmental conflict resolution.

Juliana Sabogal Aguilar, sociologist, PhD (c) in Agroecology, is part of the research groups ERSOA and GIAUN, and of the Minga Agroecológica al Sur.

Roger Fabián García Díaz, Biological Engineer, MSc. in Horticulture, PhD (c) in Agroecology. Professor of the Ecology program of the Fundación Universitaria de Popayán.

Carlos Aristizábal-Rodríguez. Business Administrator, PhD (c) in Agroecology. Member of the Agroecology Research Group, Unal. Researcher on rural organizational processes and Agro-food systems

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